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PKthink Web Design

耘想科技 網頁設計服務流程

PKthink Web Design

  1. Communicate Request : we understand the reason why you need a website, and that's our profession! It is important to communicate what you would like to let your clients to see on your website, we help to emphasize your strength with unique design.
  2. Request a Quote: based on your needs, we provide a clear and easy quote for you with detail list of working days and price. We also explain each function detaily and estimate an apprimate project finish date for you.
  3. Sign a Contract : We appreciate your choice ! We believe you have certain understanding and trust in us, and  when receive 50% deposite of the total cost, your project will immediately be on our working schedule. We will give you an assure date to review the first draft of your new website.
  4. First Draft : Our client may request us to edit the first draft 3 times if not satisfied with the style. Once the style is done, we started the detail design of every single page of the website, then provide to you for final edit. When this step is complete, we request another 30% mid-payment of the total cost, once received, we will start back end system immediately. The back end system is for you to edit the website on your own.
  5. On-site Testing : When the back end system is finished, we will provide you an user name and password to test the function. Try to edit the website on your own ! We also provide 1 free class if you do not know how to use our back end system.
  6. Ofiicial Online : After testing the site, we will need 20% final payment of total cost, once received, we will assist to officially move your website to the domain name you purchased. Now your website is officially online! If you have any question, please feel free to contact us, we provide immediate technical support ! We provide life guarentee of technical support if your website's hosting is purchased with us.

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We demand ourselves to be the best web design company, located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Our design is sophisticated, high quality and completely highlighted our customers products on their website. Our design unlike other low cost websites, we care our customers company and grow together with customers, and therefore we see our customers website as our own to manage. We are your best web design company choice for you.
Our Vision
Whats the most important factor when choosing a web design company? To help your online business grow? or you want an one and only unique design? or to improve your websites natural ranking? or to have a professional and problem solver PM? - PKthink Web Design is your one and only choice.
Our Services
Communicate with us of your requests, plan your website structure wisely and provide you with the most web design knowledge you need to know.