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Custom Web Design

What's the benefit to build your own website?,

Your website is the first impression to your potential client in the web world, you may also see it as your cloud business card before people start to visit your business. Your website also acts as a 24 hours super sales person, it demonstrates your business anytime and anywhere to the whole world. The cost of it also much lower than opening a real store, you don't need to pay electricity or water bill to maintain, just annual domain name fee and web hosting fee. Therefore, it is very important to anyone or any company to build a custom website as a marketing tool.

A good custom website has 5 impotant elements

To build a good custom website helps to profession your business image, easier to introduce your products and boost up sales, so it needs:

  1. Vivid and Catchy Color:
    You can definately catch your client's eyes in less than 7 seconds if your website states strong of your business image with vivid color. Great photos, great corporate identification system planning, perfect color matching, marketing strategic article, and unique innovation, while these elements blend perfectly together, your website will interest your potential clients, and so the sales come.
  2. Clear Theme:
    Whether its personal or company website, you need to have a clear theme. If it's a personal website, then not only to personalize your website, also to emphasize on person background and achievement; it its a company website, the theme needs to state clear on company catchy slogan, product demonstration, services content and contact methods.
  3. Rich Content:
    If you only have a pretty coat but not a rich content, it is also hard to let your potential clients slipped away. Remember, in the web world, it only takes one second to let your opportunity disappeared. Rich and useful content will bring you great business opportunity, catch attention and increase your real clients.
  4. Simple Web Structure:
    Rich content does not mean to fill your web with words, it is important to combine right photos, design simple web structure and also important to understand user viewing habits, from top to bottom, from the left to the middle then to the right.User loves images than words, thereofore, it is also important to design the right propotion of the layout.。
  5. User Friendly Control:
    Based on studies, an average time a user can stand to wait for a website to view is 7 seconds. If a website has fantastic design, but it waits too long to open the site, then all the hard work will end up with a bad term. If the content is unavoidable big, it is better to add a "Loading..." page to notify user it will only take a little longer to wait, but the website still operates normally, which might increase the chance for user to view your website.


PKthink Custom Web Design - Your one and only Solution !


We provide the best solutino for your web design!

From personal, group, restaurants, hotels, schools, business and chain store business, no matter what your purpose is, we can help you to design a perfect website and analyze results for you! 

PKthink Web Design not only help you to plan your website structure, high quality design, user friendly website, we also provide basic SEO ranking feature that helps you to boost up website natural ranking, and combines social network marketing and ad words suggestions, which you can truly see how a website can benfit your business. 

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Due to highly increase of mobile / tablet users, we can not only help you to build website for PC version, we also build mobile version for your website, so you will not miss any business opportunity!